Twitch is currently experimenting with channel surfing

A new method for discovering new channels is now being tested on Twitch, and it brings back fond memories of channel browsing on my TV in simpler times. The project, referred to as the Channel Switcher, makes it possible for you to quickly navigate between previews of various streams so that you may pick something interesting to watch. Additionally, while you are using it, you will not be shown any advertisements of any kind.

Twitch is currently experimenting with channel surfing

On Twitch right now, if you don’t already know what you want to watch, it can be challenging to locate something fresh that you might want to tune into. This is especially true if you don’t have a specific channel in mind. Checking the homepage, looking through the sidebar to see who I follow, navigating to a particular game or category to see who is currently streaming, and finally going directly to a streamer’s profile are the steps that make up my personal rundown.

But if I want to move on from a stream that I’m already watching, the best alternatives I have are to click on another followed account or a recommendation on the sidebar or to head back out to the Browse portion of Twitch. Because I frequently experience choice paralysis, the latter alternative is not my go-to pick.

Using Channel Switcher will be a speedier approach to checking out various streams. Users can watch the sixty-second preview of life before being required to pick whether or not to click through and watch the whole stream.

However, it appears that only a select few will have the opportunity to test out Channel Switcher for the time being. The experiment will be disabled in the middle of July so that the company can evaluate the test results.

Twitch released some new improvements on Thursday, including Channel Switcher. Other updates include Guest Star, a new tool that makes it simpler for streamers to add visitors to their show, and the option to create your own tags.

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Twitch is currently experimenting with channel surfing