Overnight by Russian strikes on structures in the region of Odesa

Authorities report that 20 persons were murdered overnight by Russian strikes on structures in the region of Odesa. Ukraine’s emergency services have reported that 20 people have died due to Russia’s midnight strikes in the Odesa area.

Overnight by Russian strikes on structures in the region of Odesa

A residential building claimed the lives of at least 16 people, while a second attack on a recreation facility claimed the lives of four additional people, among them a kid. Authorities reported that a third strike fell in a field. 38 people were hurt in the attacks, and a rescue effort is still underway. According to earlier information from the Ukrainian authorities, two children may have died.

First Assistant Interior Minister Yevhenii Yenin said earlier on Friday, speaking from the scene of the attacks, “We don’t expect to find anyone alive, but there is a chance.”

Ukraine anticipates a reduction in shelling near Odesa

Ukraine anticipates that attacks on the area around Odesa will diminish if Russia leaves Snake Island in the Black Sea, according to Andrii Demchenko, a spokesman for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

“It is now clear why the adversary captured the island. They placed numerous weapons of mass destruction throughout the area and shot from them, Demchenko stated during a briefing. “We now hope that the shelling of Ukrainian land will decrease.”

Since the Russian enemy might have mined the access routes to the island, the situation on Snake Island is still precarious. The problem is currently being examined and looked into,” he said. “I hope the Ukrainian border guards will return to this area of Ukrainian territory as soon as possible.”

Attacks against Rusian authorities in southern Ukraine

A growing resistance movement against pro-Russian authorities holding sections of southern Ukraine, according to US sources, is suggested by three murder attempts against pro-Russian leaders over the past two weeks.

Although there have only been a few isolated instances in the town of Kherson so far, US officials fear the resistance might develop into a larger counterinsurgency, which would make it much more difficult for Russia to maintain control over freshly seized areas across Ukraine.

At a conference in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, director of national intelligence Avril Haines stated that the Kremlin “faces escalating partisan activity in southern Ukraine.”

One US official claimed that, especially after removing troops from the area for the conflict in Donbas to the east, the US feels that Russia does not have sufficient soldiers in Kherson to properly occupy and govern the territory.

Additionally, Ukraine has launched sporadic counterattacks close to Kherson, severely taxing Russian forces.

Source: Laatste Nieuws

Overnight by Russian strikes on structures in the region of Odesa