Order of applying skin care products

The order of applying skin care products is not always easy. We have a handy general rule that is easy to remember. When using skin care products, the order of consistency is essential. Apply the thinnest creams first and finish with the thickest substance.

Order of applying skin care products

Morning routine

If you removed your makeup before bed, start the morning with a light cleanser to remove the last vestiges of skin care products. Once your face’s skin is cleansed, apply a light serum. Always give the serum some time to soak into your skin so that your skin can absorb it.
Next, it’s time to moisturize your face with a moisturizing moisturizer cream. Hydrate moisturizer helps keep your skin well-hydrated throughout the day and creates a smooth makeup base. This will give you glowing skin, which is, of course, what you want.

Evening routine before bed

The makeup you have worn during the day should be carefully removed before bed. You, therefore, cleanse your skin twice in the evening. To do this, use a balm-based or oil-based cleanser to break down makeup and excess oil. Spread the cleaner on a makeup pad to thoroughly and gently cleanse your face.

Do not scrub, but make circular movements. After cleansing, use a gentle and moisturizing cleansing gel.
After cleansing, apply a few drops of a face serum to your skin for the night. The advantage of this serum is that you can use it both in the morning and at night. The serum provides nourishing skin. Again, you must let the serum act on your face for a few minutes.

For the moisturizing evening cream, use a cream or oil with a slightly richer, thicker consistency than you use during the day. This is to hydrate dehydrated skin during the night. The night cream or oil does its work while you are sleeping. The following day your skin will feel soft and fresh again.

Order of applying skin care products