Mirrorless flagship Canon not until next year

Canon’s rumored mirrorless flagship will not become a reality until late next year. It should come as no surprise that the anticipated Canon EOS R1, the company’s most advanced mirrorless flagship, is unlikely to appear anytime soon, as camera manufacturers are also feeling the effects of stock shortages worldwide.

Mirrorless flagship Canon not until next year

Canon EOS R1

Retailers have been advised not to expect the R1 until the second half of 2023, so it may be at least another year before we see what could be a fascinating camera, according to typically accurate CanonRumors.

The long-serving DSLR flagship models of the Canon EOS 1DX series will most certainly be replaced by a mirrorless version of the EOS R1, at least if it really gets that name. Many professionals continue to use those cameras, especially in light of ongoing availability issues with Canon’s current mirrorless line leader, the EOS R3.

For now, mirrorless uncertainty keeps the expensive DSLRs in use.

Obtaining a Canon EOS R3 is not always easy, although it is undoubtedly one of the best mirrorless cameras and undeniably one of the best professional cameras available today.

SLR sales have increased due to supply problems in the electronics industry, as people are unable or unwilling to wait for a mirrorless alternative to become available.

It would be reasonable to assume that we would have seen an R1 or at least some kind of development statement by now to pique our curiosity if not for those problems.

On the other hand, you could argue that Canon would be better off replacing its original mirrorless models first, such as the Canon EOS R and Canon EOS RP, because mass-market consumer models tend to sell better and attract more photographers to Canon’s ecosystem.

Supply issues aside, Canon should pay more attention to expanding its mirrorless lenses so that professionals can feel confident that they have a complete system to invest in once they feel ready to move to mirrorless lenses.

We would not be surprised if an improved entry-level full-frame model appeared well before a class leader like the Canon EOS R1, given the popularity such a model is likely to enjoy.

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Mirrorless flagship Canon not until next year