Fast muscle recovery with Sunshower infrared shower

Enjoying infrared warmth in the shower and faster muscle recovery? That is possible with the Sunshower infrared. While you are in the rain, the infrared heat ensures speedier muscle recovery. After the Sunshower shower, your muscles feel supple and relaxed. Your day can start fresh and healthy!

The warmth of the infrared rays ensures faster muscle recovery, offers relaxation and reduces back and neck complaints. You can enjoy a warm shower with infrared heat by using the sun shower in the morning when you get up.

The infrared rays have an intense effect on the human body. The intense warmth of the infrared rays, which penetrate the skin, relaxes your muscles. This takes away complaints such as back and neck pain and stiff muscles. Rheumatic complaints decrease, you enjoy faster muscle recovery, and blood circulation improves.


What is a Sunshower infrared unit?

A Sunshower is a device you place in the shower that provides sunlight and infrared heat while you shower. With a summer shower, you enjoy the ultraviolet and infrared radiation in the bathroom.

A Sunshower shower emits shortwave infrared radiation while you are in the shower. You can also choose a Sunshower Combi with infrared and UV rays. The ultraviolet rays give you the necessary dose of vitamin D, which people often miss in the cold winter months. With Sunshower infrared, you can enjoy healthy infrared heat all year round.

Sunshower models: built-in and wall-mounted

The sun shower is available as a built-in and a surface-mounted model. The Sunshower can be easily installed in an existing shower area. There are six beautiful designs available for the Sunshower surface-mounted model. All feature infrared radiation and, optionally, UV light. Neither radiation is harmful; they are suitable for our health.

In terms of design, the surface-mounted models are just as sleek and beautiful as the Sunshower built-in. The latter is ideal if you are installing a new shower. It can be built right in, so the Sunshower shower is neatly concealed. But the surface-mounted models are just as beautiful.

For example, the Sunshower Combi can be elegantly installed in the corner of the shower cubicle as a floating element. The unit has a sand-blasted glass plate in a slim aluminum frame. This model has fewer than four infrared lamps of 500 Watts each and three UV lamps.

Influence of infrared shower Sunshower on our body

The infrared shower Sunshower has a positive influence on our entire body. Firstly, the impact of infrared radiation has a positive effect on our muscles and joints. In addition to muscle recovery, the short wave IR-A rays positively impact your beauty. The use of the infrared shower Sunshower, therefore, has significant advantages.

Infrared heat is good for skin and muscle recovery:

Because the infrared rays improve blood circulation, this also positively affects your skin. When blood flow improves, new cells can be built faster and better. When blood flow is better, you also benefit from the faster removal of toxins.

Because of the rapid construction of the cells, you also recover more quickly from minor wounds or damage to the skin. Do you suffer from acne, psoriasis, or other skin conditions? Then infrared heat is an excellent tool. The infrared shower is ideal for this.

Infrared heat as a warm-up for athletes

The shortwave infrared radiation penetrates deep into the skin and optimizes the muscles. Sunshower infrared is, therefore, an excellent warm-up for athletes. It is not for nothing that top athletes benefit from a sun shower with infrared radiation, an infrared cabin, or an infrared sauna. All offer the muscles the necessary warmth.

But infrared heat is also perfect for muscle recovery after exercise. The warmth relaxes the muscles, recovers faster after an intensive workout, and reduces muscle pain. Because of the improved blood circulation, muscles recover faster. In addition, infrared radiation also provides pain relief for muscles and joints.

Heat therapy for rheumatism patients

The day starts off well with a Sunshower shower! Infrared heat is often recommended as heat therapy for muscle and joint pain. The Sunshower infrared is also very suitable for rheumatism patients, as it reduces and relieves rheumatic complaints.

Sunshower infrared shower with sunlight

You can also opt for a combination model; an infrared sunshower with sunlight. Our body needs sunlight every day. The ultraviolet light ensures the production of vitamin D, which keeps our resistance up to standard. The sun’s rays also give us energy, making us more vital and lively. It stimulates our immune system, and sunshine puts us in a better mood. It has been proven that a low dose of UV light is safe and healthy for humans.

With a sun shower in your bathroom, you will enjoy a carefree time in the shower.

Source: Infrarood Verwarming Warmteshop

Fast muscle recovery with Sunshower infrared shower