Ceiling infrared heating is cheap and comfortable

Ceiling infrared heating is cheap in cost and provides wonderful warmth. Do you also want to save on the cost of home heating? But not go backward in comfort? Then definitely consider a ceiling infrared heater. It’s a cheap, very comfortable, and energy-efficient way to heat your home. We explain how you can save costs with ceiling infrared panels.

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Instant heat with ceiling infrared heating

Ceiling infrared heating heats directly, therefore it is also called a direct heating system. This is because the infrared rays evenly warm the walls, floor, furniture and people. This simple method has proven effective in quickly raising the temperature of a room, just as the sun’s rays do. Why are infrared panels so cost-effective and pleasant in your home?

Economical energy consumption with infrared heating ceiling

By using an infrared heating ceiling, you can quickly reach a pleasant temperature without having to waste energy heating the air in the room. The most efficient place for infrared radiant heat is on the ceiling. Just as a ceiling light illuminates a larger area than a wall light. The direct rays also reflect back into the room, so you feel the wonderful warmth from all sides. So it is a direct heating system, heating everything and everyone in its radiant field.

Metal infrared panels are the thinnest on the market at just 1.8 inches thick, providing a powerful and efficient heat source with minimal visual impact. They are space-saving and virtually invisible. In addition, it is also a quiet heater and does not give off any nasty odors. Like a central heating system does.

Because infrared heating ceiling requires no maintenance and has an easy installation, they are also cost effective. In addition, they are very efficient to use, so you also save on energy consumption. Within minutes the infrared heating ceiling is warm, so you can enjoy the warm rays hitting your skin almost immediately. No long warm-up time, so no wasting of energy either.

Economical, comfortable, and clean

Both wall and ceiling infrared heating give off a comfortable warmth. In addition, there is no air movement, so the air is also clean. No more swirling dust particles in the air and also the humidity level is maintained. There is a wonderful warmth to an infrared heater because it heats up in 5 to 12 minutes. An infrared panel also consumes little power and can be installed quickly and easily. Apart from that, you never have to worry about maintenance because an IR heater requires no maintenance. In fact, there are no rotating parts that can break down and annual maintenance is by no means necessary.

Improved indoor air quality with infrared panels

With infrared panels in your home, there are no allergens in the air and you have no carbon emissions. Environmentally conscious, clean, and sustainable heating with infrared radiation. As a whole-house solution, these panels complement a heat pump or replace your central heating system. They are independently proven to be free of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Radiant panels are one of the most cost-effective heating methods over the life of the product.

Where to install infrared panels ceiling?

Infrared panels ceiling can be mounted in any room. All you need is a connection to the electricity. For this, you can use the ceiling connection of the lamp. Do you also want to light? Then choose an infrared heating ceiling with lighting.

You can install infrared ceiling panels in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and of course the living room. In the kitchen there is often no space on the wall to mount a heat panel, the ceiling offers a solution here. Using a ceiling heater in a large space, such as the living room, is an excellent idea. In a short period of time, it provides a wide distribution of heat.

When buying an infrared heater, always keep the size of the room in mind. It takes less power to run a small room like a bedroom than a large living room. Therefore, the wattage is important to have calculated. The professionals at Infraroodpanel.nl can quickly make a calculation for you. There are numerous factors to take into account. These include the size of the room, the location (are their many windows?), the amount of m2, and of course, your heat requirements.

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Ceiling infrared heating is cheap and comfortable