Access Amalfi coast road in Italy

The iconic 35-kilometer coastline between Vietri Sul Mare and Positano will come under new traffic regulations. Drivers must adhere to a new system of license plate access during peak hours and high season.

Days with odd numbers on if your vehicle’s license plate ends in an odd number. You can access this road Days with even numbers if the last digit of your license plate is an even number.

Access Amalfi coast road in Italy

Access Amalfi Coast road in Italy only on odd or even numbers license plate
Mid-June to the end of September 2022, Amalfi rules will be in effect

The Pico y Placa laws, which are in effect in several busy Italian cities, served as the basis for the new system. They will be in effect throughout August and the Easter vacations. Cabs, public transport, and residents of the 13 roadside cities are exempt.

In addition, cars longer than 10.36 meters will be absolutely prohibited by Anas, the organization managing the highways. Only the hours from midnight to 6:30 a.m. will caravans and vehicles towing trailers be allowed to use the road.

How will the new traffic laws affect your vacation?

All travel directions for the scenic byway warn motorists of long lines and scarce parking. The new rules are designed to reduce the time locals and visitors lose in unbearable traffic jams.

Beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is known for its clear waters, high cliffs, and candy-colored houses, but also infamous for the horrendous traffic that clogs its winding roads.

The famous place is now introducing new rules to cut this risky traffic in half.

The winding thoroughfare, which is often single-lane and has several abrupt curves, is usually swamped by tourists looking for the ideal view.

But when the region adopted new regulations Wednesday, mile-long lines may soon be a thing of the past.

Source: Laatste Nieuws

Access Amalfi coast road in Italy